Self Assessment Tax Returns

tax-rebate signsWhat is a Self Assessment Tax Return?  How do I complete one?

A Self Assessment Tax Return is a legal obligation that must be completed by everyone who is registered Self Employed or in a partnership business.  This also includes anyone receiving income from:

  • Rent or other income for Land or Property
  • Income from Overseas
  • Other Income which is received Gross (i.e. without tax deducted at source)

Important Dates

6th April every year HMRC issue a Self Assessment Tax Return

31st October is the paper filing deadline

31st January is the online filing deadline

If you do not complete your Tax Return by the deadline you will be charged interest and penalties.

We will produce your end of year accounts and submit your annual Tax Return to HMRC, we will calculate your tax liability/rebate and advise you accordingly of the dates any payments are due.

Also by fully analysing your income and expenditure we can calculate any tax savings that can be made to minimize your Tax liabilities.   

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